The Education Company (EdCo) recommend that each customer has a dedicated Key User to manage and co-ordinate everything related to SPIRIT. This quickly becomes a full-time role that many customers simply cannot afford in terms of cost or time.

With over 13 years experience of administering SPIRIT we can provide the right service in under half the time (or cost)

Areas that should be covered by the Key User include, but are not limited to:

  • Administration for Users, Permissions, Profiles, Sales Team territories
  • Review outstanding Support Calls and chasing EdCo for resolutions
  • Ad-hoc training contact for internal & external users
  • Main communication contact with EdCo
  • Data checking – i.e. sales data correct verified and matching
  • Technical support to internal and external users
  • Requesting & testing new application functionality
  • Co-ordinating new releases and upgrades seamlessly
  • Creating specifications and testing new Reports

There are two key responsibilities that are usually, surprisingly, over-looked:

  1. Data checking
  2. Reviewing Support Calls (and chasing resolutions)

And yet, outstanding issues and incorrect data are the main factor in causing users to become frustrated and de-motivated!

We can take the responsibility to review on a regular basis the Support Call Log and chase resolutions for your users and run checks on the data verification.

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