Lifecycle Training

We have 2 years experience of using, testing and training the 360 Lifecycle application which enables us to provide a high standard of training for new and existing customers covering the following:

  • Introductory training on Office & Advisor system on the absolute basics including:
    • Diary Management
    • Opportunity/Lead Management
    • Mangaing the Hotbox process efficiently
    • Client Management and updates
    • Campaign Management Functionality
  • Intermediate, Follow Up and Refresher training on all of the above areas
  • Bespoke training in all areas of both Advisor & Office systems

Training can be organised and delivered one-to-one, in groups, in offices and via Webinar conference calls

Lifecycle is constantly evolving with new functionality and version upgrades being introduced regularly so what better way to remain up to date?

“That’s how we’ve always done it”

We are finding that most training for new users is simply fed down via ‘Chinese Whispers’ so very often knowledge is lost or not passed on properly.

A different perspective

Using an experienced external trainer offers the following obvious benefits:

  • New functionality updates are clearly explained
  • Consistency in the passing on of knowledge
  • Dispassionate view of existing use and suggestions for improvements
  • Best Practice guidance

We can also provide:

  • Bespoke documentation to supplement any training
  • Videos

Contact us to discuss further options by calling 07861 660332 or clicking here

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